Lunch Menu Take Over

Restaurant Lunch Menu Take Over

Catering Learners Take Over Kitchen

Students from Accrington and Rossendale College’s Hospitality & Catering Department got the opportunity to take over Roots Restaurants lunch menu on Monday 28th November 2016 to help them with an assessment for their course.

Adding to the pressure of this, the College decided to really turn up the heat on the students, turning the day into a mini competition. Students were split down into four teams and told they would be competing against each other to help them experience what it’s like to run a kitchen. The groups and meal they decided on were…

Red Group – The Legend Panini: Sausage, bacon, caramelised onion and mozzarella with a side order of skinny fries.

Orange Group – Indian Platter: Curried chicken skewers, homemade onion bhaji, homemade vegetable samosa with poppadom and dips.

Green Group – Festive Afternoon Tea: Turkey & cranberry and honey roast ham & brie sandwiches, homemade Christmas themed pastries and a choice of hot drink.

Blue Group – Winter Warmer: Homemade corned beef hash, served with freshly baked bread and accompanied by pickled red cabbage or beetroot.

Tracy Laffy, organiser of the competition and catering tutor commented, “The idea of the competition was to give students that extra motivation whilst preparing for the assessment. The class was split into four distinct groups and were asked to each come up with a dish they would serve. Whoever sold the most dishes would win the competition.”

Cooking for a sold out restaurant, and after the lunch service was complete, the winners where the Green Group with their Festive Afternoon Tea.

Congratulations to them and all of the students as everyone who dined were truly impressed and enjoyed every bite!

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