Chocolatier Paul Williams

Choc Amor Masterclass

Hospitality & Catering students from Accrington and Rossendale College were treated to a chocolate masterclass when Paul Williams, owner of Choc Amor visited the College’s new multi-million pound Heartwood Centre.

Choc Amor, a multi-award winning chocolatier company, who have shops in Tarleton and Botany Bay, gave an insight into the methods and techniques used when producing handmade chocolate on an industrial scale.

The masterclass, delivered by founder and owner Paul, who is more commonly referred to as ‘Mr Wonka’ gave students a riveting insight into mass chocolate production, tempering and the chocolate industry amongst many other things.

Paul, who was able to see and use the new state-of-the-art facilities at first hand commented, “The facilities here are frightening. The only way I can describe them are Vegas! They are unbelievable.”

AccRoss Chef Lecturer, Anthony Muldowney also commented, “Having guests of Paul’s stature deliver masterclasses to our students is extremely exciting for both the students and the College. Our students really enjoyed the class and particularly enjoyed the hands on approach.

We can’t thank Paul enough for taking time out of his busy schedule.”

After the class had taken place, students were quoted saying they found it “extremely helpful” and “insightful” with “lots of knowledge” gained from the experience! The wonderful chocolate creations were also well received by all.

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