Lancashire Tapas

Lancashire Tapas£19.95

Brought to you by Jordan Schofield.

Lancashire Tapas brought to you by Jordan Schofield 2016“I’m looking forward to testing my abilities and hosting my very own event. My Lancashire Tapas Evening is based on the delights of our very own red rose county.”

Jordan Schofield
Level 3 Professional Cookery

Thursday 27th April 2017
6:30pm – 8:00pm

The Menu

Ploughman’s starter
Ham hock with piccalilli, pickled qual eggs and Lancashire cheese
Gammon and black pudding fritter with a Lancashire hotpot and pickled red cabbage

A vegetarian option is also available:
Garstang blue cheese and leek rag pudding with a blue cheese sauce (v)
Dessert trio
Manchester tart, Eccles cake and tea loaf served with a Kendal mint cake ice cream

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